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Client Parking

Canberra House Basement Parking


Barnett Lilley & Associates are located on Level 10 Canberra House, 40 Marcus Clarke Street (indicated by the green arrow on the diagram below). Access to basement parking is via West Row (indicated by the red arrow below), off London Circuit or Alinga Street.

· Turn into the down-ramp to the basement, from West Row.

· Drive down the right-hand side of the ramp, at the bottom of the ramp there is a yellow intercom with access buttons.

· Press the Parker Financial button (bottom right).

· A buzzer will confirm entry and allow access to the basement via roller door.

· Turn right and locate the Parker Financial parking spaces (5, 6 or 7) for use.

Please ensure you use the lifts on the opposite end of the basement from where the carparks are situated (ie. to the far left as you drive in).

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