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Lesson 2
It's not about having lots of money,
it's about knowing how to manage it.


Specialisation has always been the cornerstone of Barnett Lilley and Associates. Over the past 18 years we have resisted the temptation to grow in an attempt to be ‘all things to all people’.

Rather, we have concentrated on the specific areas of investment and superannuation where our experience is unparalleled.

We focus primarily on former public servants or those planning to retire, as well as military personnel, all of whom are entitled to one of the government defined benefit superannuation schemes and who require expert advice around maximising their benefits and managing their investments. 

Typically, they are well versed in their own schemes and entitlements, however once they claim their benefit, they require ongoing investment advice and cash flow management to supplement their pensions. 


Including personal and
defined benefits funds

Highly specialised advice


Maximise contributions


Maximise tax efficiencies


Manage investment strategy


Manage retirement income streams

Stay abreast of legislative change


All investment asset classes including cash, shares, listed property and more

Comprehensive advice

Specialist investment managers

Review investment performance

Analyse the asset allocation

Manage the paperwork

Maximise tax efficiencies

Rebalance portfolios with
the Harvest Program

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